Wet ingredients manufacturer in the UK

We specialise in manufacturing delicious wet ingredients for white label and private label customers. All our wet ingredients are produced to an impeccable standard at our Newbury site – great tasting, sustainably sourced, and quality assured.

What are wet ingredients?

Any ingredients that contain liquid or oil – whatever the quantity – are known as ‘wet’ in the ingredients trade. This distinguishes them from their dry counterparts and covers a wide range of product types including sauces, cooking pastes, chutneys, and much more.

We produce an extensive portfolio of wet ingredients for food brands and retailers across the UK, keeping up to date with the latest trends. Providing great taste and convenience at once, our wet products are designed to enhance home cooking for good.

Product Development

Our wet ingredient manufacturing process

Bringing a new wet product to the UK ingredients market is an exciting process. We work closely with our customers to make sure the product fulfils the brief, aligns with current food trends and habits, and upholds only the highest standards of quality and safety.

After conducting in-depth research of the market, our New Product Development team get to work fuelled by new ideas. Led by a highly skilled chef with 10 years’ experience in the field, we formulate a delicious new product.

Product ready, we invite our customers in to taste the product in application, then look into packaging, how manufacturing can be scaled up, and conduct rigorous post-launch checks. To hear the full story, visit our new product development page.

Sustainable wet ingredient manufacturing

All our wet ingredients are created using sustainably sourced raw materials. We have longstanding relationships with growers and suppliers across the world, allowing us to provide customers with full supply chain transparency, and trace the exact origins of each product.

We also strive to do the right thing in other areas of our business: working with local charities, looking after our staff, choosing recyclable packaging, and minimising our emissions. Together with our customers and our charitably held parent company Fuchs Gruppe, we are shaping the ingredients market for the better.