Breadcrumbs & crusts manufactured in the UK

Whether as a crunchy topping to a dish or a coating agent for fried food, breadcrumbs are used by home cooks in plenty of tasty recipes. We manufacture a range of flavoured breadcrumbs to delight your consumers, and expand your product portfolio.

Types of breadcrumbs & crusts

Breadcrumbs and crusts can vary dramatically depending on the flavourings used and their fineness. We manufacture all products of this type at our dry ingredients facility in Severn Beach, creating the following portfolio of tasty breadcrumbs:

  • Garlic & Herb
  • Lemon & Herb
  • Mediterranean
  • Smoky

Packaging formats for breadcrumbs & crusts

The best packaging for your breadcrumbs and crusts will depend on a variety of factors. We’ll help you choose the option that best aligns with your current portfolio, and satisfies consumer preferences. Options may include:


Pinch Pots



Meal Kits

Product Development

Manufacturing process for breadcrumbs & crusts

We’re always excited when a customer comes to us with a new idea for a breadcrumb or crust product. Whether it’s a different type of bread or an innovative flavour combination, we’ll help you bring your concept to life.

Led by a professional chef, our New Product Development team will spend time in the kitchen perfecting the taste and texture of the new product, in line with current food trends. We’ll also conduct feasibility studies to make sure we see the product performing in the market.

Throughout the process, you’ll receive continual support, advice, and samples to try! After factory trials and pre launch set up, we’ll help you bring your product into the world successfully, and conduct post launch reviews to see how things are going.

Quality & safety standards for breadcrumbs & crusts

We guarantee our breadcrumbs and crusts have a long shelf life and are 100% nut free. We take care to do our due diligence as a food manufacturer, taking steps to limit the risk of common food hazards and allergens, and achieving the right standards of food safety.

Our products are a source of continual pride for us. Not only to they taste exceptional in all sorts of recipes, but they also satisfy the other senses like sight and smell to provide a complete feeling of pleasure, satisfaction, and food quality.


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