Great taste that treads lightly on the planet

We have a history of doing the right thing, but we recognise the need to do more throughout our operations to reduce our emissions and improve our efficiency. By taking corrective steps now we’re safeguarding the planet we love for future generations.

Reducing our impact

We are always looking to do what’s best for the planet and our customers, and reducing the impact of our operations and improving efficiency is front and centre.

Throughout our operations, we work hard to limit emissions and waste. We are working on a path to Net Zero by 2050, and are working towards this through our supply chain and reducing our scope 3 emissions.

We recycle everything we can from our sites and have steps in place to reduce our food waste through a partnership with Fareshare. By working with suppliers, growers, and customers, we’re bringing great taste to the market in the most responsible way we can.

Sustainable operations

  • Severn Beach

    The energy saving measures at our Bristol factory place it in the top 25% of all energy efficient buildings according to BREEAM.

  • Newbury

    Newbury tells a similar story. With energy efficient, motion operated lighting and technological investment, we have improved the efficiency of our production and reduced our emissions at our wet ingredients factory. We have also achieved zero waste to landfill here, with over 58 tonnes of materials recycled, and implemented water effluence treatment for agricultural benefits and power generation.

Limiting Waste

Both our Newbury and Severn Beach sites use resources responsibly, recycling and repurposing the waste materials we generate, and disposing of any excess in the most sustainable way.

In 2022 we recycled over 350 tonnes of waste at our Severn Beach site. We also work with our partners to bring products to market in recyclable packaging and provide re-fill solutions to help reduce our impact.

Other initiatives

It doesn’t stop there. We are always putting in place new measures to reduce our environmental impact. We have installed electric car charging points for our employees.

We have reduced commuting emissions through facilitating work from home for office staff. We are continuously working with retailers to limit trucks on the road.

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