UK manufacturer of chopped ingredients

Appeal to the growing trend for cooking convenience with a range of delicious, high quality chopped ingredients. We offer a number of ready chopped ingredients to UK food brands and retailers, designed to make home cooking as quick, easy, and delicious as possible.

Types of chopped ingredients

Ready chopped ingredients are becoming increasingly popular, saving time for more important things than peeling and chopping. Our chopped ingredients are preserved in vinegar to keep them as fresh and delicious as possible. We offer:

  • Chopped Chilli
  • Crushed Chilli
  • Chopped Garlic
  • Crushed Garlic
  • Chopped Ginger
  • Crushed Ginger

Packaging formats for chopped ingredients

Our ready chopped ingredients like ginger, chilli, and garlic come preserved in vinegar in glass jars. Find out more about our packaging capabilities below.

Round Glass Jars

Product Development

Manufacturing process for chopped ingredients

It couldn’t be easier to add a range of delicious chopped ingredients to your repertoire. When you come to us with an idea for a product, we jump into action, helping you refine the initial concept into an ingredient success story.

In our development kitchen, we let you see the new idea in action in a number of tasty dishes, and validate its feasibility in the market. Once everyone’s happy, we conduct factory trials and scale ups to make sure we’re ready for launch.

From here, we provide ongoing support, assist with final artwork, and get everything set up. After launch, we also conduct regular reviews to make sure the new chopped ingredient is performing as we expect.

Quality & safety standards for chopped ingredients

Making sure your chopped ingredients are safe for UK consumers is our responsibility as a manufacturer. We employ all the necessary checks and safeguards to minimise the risk of food hazards and allergens, so you can feel confident when working with us.

We also have a stellar reputation when it comes to product quality, thanks to years at the forefront of the UK ingredients market. With in-house technical teams, professional development chefs, leading industry affiliations, and decades of expertise between us, we guarantee quality every time.


Let’s create delicious ingredients together

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