The perfect partnership

The BART Ingredients Company is now part of the Fuchs Gruppe family of businesses. Privately owned and charitably held, this leading German spice manufacturer is at the forefront of the global spice industry. With a shared corporate mission and commitment to responsibility, this is a relationship with taste and sustainability at its heart.

About Fuchs Gruppe

Fuchs Gruppe was founded in 1952 and has gone on to become the largest German spice manufacturer. It all started in Lower Saxony with Dieter Fuchs, a bicycle, and some salt and pepper. A true entrepreneur, he began delivering salt and pepper in small bags to customers on his bike.

The company has gone from three employees in a small rented room in Dissen to a 3,200 strong workforce spread across four continents. Fuchs Gruppe is committed to high quality, processing raw and whole spices in house using the most innovative methods to guarantee high quality.

Working globally, Fuchs Gruppe remains privately-owned to this day, and is committed to the sustainable management of their supply chain. With so many values in common, Fuchs Gruppe is the perfect partner to support the future of our story.

Our Shared Corporate Mission:

We bring the joy of food to life

Together, we work with Fuchs Gruppe to bring the joy of food to life in 4 ways.

  1. We create taste that consumers crave
  2. We add emotion to food
  3. We act responsibly
  4. We lead the race

Fuchs Gruppe and The BART Ingredients Company

Joining with this powerhouse of the global spice industry has allowed us to progress our business over the past 6 years. Together, we are shaping the global spice industry.

We’ve gained access to new efficiencies, and been able to invest in a brand new state of the art facility at Severn Beach, which has grown the size and scale of our business and set us up for future prosperity.


Let’s create delicious ingredients together

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