Dry ingredients manufacturer in the UK

Our story began with dry ingredients in the form of herbs and spices, and we continue to produce and sell these products to this day. With an extensive portfolio of delicious white label and private label dry products, we guarantee quality, safety, and sustainability in everything we do.

What are dry ingredients?

Dry ingredients are food products that don’t contain liquid or oil. They are kitchen cupboard staples, and typically include things like salt, pepper, herbs, spices, seasonings, breadcrumbs, and baking aids.

Our portfolio of dry ingredients is built on a foundation of expertise in herbs and spices. Manufacturing from our state of the art site in Severn Beach, we have the capabilities to create a unique and great tasting selection of dry products.

Product Development

Our dry ingredient manufacturing process

Creating a new dry ingredient involves extensive research and ideation. We visit restaurants, delis, and food retailers across the world, looking for new flavours to bring home that will fulfil customer briefs, and also engage with food trendspotters like The Food People.

We have an in-house New Product Development Team overseen by a professional chef with 10 years’ experience in the field. Working together, they create a delicious product that satisfies food safety requirements, and exceeds all expectations when it comes to quality and sustainability.

When we’re happy, we invite our customer into the development kitchen to taste the new product in application. We then test production at scale, make any adjustments necessary, and begin the launch process. Discover more about the creation of new dry products below.

Sustainable dry ingredient manufacturing

We source the finest quality raw ingredients to create our dry products. Working with suppliers and growers across the world, we provide full supply chain traceability from field to fork, and strive to give back to the countries and communities we interact with.

We also do the right thing for our communities back home, our talented employees, and our environment. From working with local food charities to taking action to achieve net zero, we take a holistic approach to sustainability.