Reducing our impact, sourcing sustainably

The natural world gives us our herbs and spices, so of course we do everything we can to protect it on a local and global level. We believe that by sourcing in a sustainable way, we can bring delicious flavour to your consumers’ plates, whilst also protecting the environment for the cooks of the future.

From source to plate

Sustainable sourcing is at the heart of our business. The majority of our products come from suppliers we have worked with for years.

We strive for the highest possible transparency in our supply chain. Our long-term partnerships bring certainty of transparency of where our products come from and guaranteed quality.

Positive partnerships

We build long term, mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and growers. These relationships allow us to provide continuity for every member of the supply chain, cultivate better transparency, and find opportunities for reducing our impact together.

Our aim is that that through these partnerships our suppliers are able to invest in their local communities by providing good employment and supporting the next generation into the farming sector.

Sustainable packaging materials

We’re making leaps and bounds when it comes to improving the sustainability of our packing.

Where possible, we choose recyclable packaging unless no other alternative exists, and we’ve committed to achieving 100% FSC certified paper and all our packaging being recyclable by the end of 2025.

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