Whole chillies sourced and processed in the UK

A highly versatile ingredient, chilli is integral to an array of international cuisines and recipes, adding some much needed spice. We responsibly source and process a wide range of chilli products, perfect for launching your brand or adding flavour to an existing portfolio.

Types of whole chillies

There are a wide range of chilli varieties globally, each with their own unique taste, aroma, and Scoville rating. We source our chillies from sustainable farms across the world, selecting only the finest raw ingredients. We currently offer:

  • Habanero
  • Ancho
  • Chipotle
  • Cascabel

Packaging formats for whole chillies

We make our chilli products available to our customers in two main packaging formats. Glass jars have a quality feel, and make dispensing the product easy.

Glass Jars


Meal Kits

Product Development

Manufacturing process for whole chillies

Once we have sourced our whole chillies from sustainable farms across the world, we process them into the final product. For some of our products, this involves smoking, drying, or chopping the chillies. If you have a new idea for a chilli product, we can help you bring it to life.

We’ll start by refining your idea into a concept that works in the market, and look into how we can source the raw materials ethically and sustainably. We’ll then look at production and processing, and how to maintain high quality on a mass scale.

Then, we’ll finalise packaging and artwork, go through systems set up, and finally power through to launch. After this point, it’s not goodbye; we provide ongoing support and a post launch review to make sure the product performs.

Quality & safety standards for whole chillies

Our chilli products are processed by our experienced team at our dry ingredients facility in Severn Beach. Here, we operate to the highest required standards of food safety, working to eradicate all the common food hazards.

All our premises are nut free, offering you total peace of mind that your products are free from allergens. We uphold extremely high standards of food quality, taking into account shelf life, colour, aroma, texture as well as taste to achieve total satisfaction.


Let’s create delicious ingredients together

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