Employee testimonial

James, 28 years old, since 2017 at Bart, Head of Finance, ACCA qualified

I’ve worked at Bart since 2017 in various roles in the Finance department after I joined as a fresh accounting graduate. I started as a Finance Analyst (responsibilities included product costings, production KPIs, and sales/margin analysis) whilst receiving the support and on-the-job training I required to become a qualified accountant with ACCA. Since then, I’ve progressed into the Finance Manager role (management of accounts payable/receivable, and budget control) and now Head of Finance overseeing all of the day-to-day Finance operations.

As an aspiring accountant, I was motivated to join Bart, compared to roles in public accounting, as you get to see your work come to life, by getting to go into the factory and witness the products you’ve been costing being made, rather than just seeing numbers on a screen; and as someone who loves food, it’s exciting being involved in the development of new products, and getting the opportunities to try them and learn new recipes.

Working at Bart feels a lot more like being a part of a family company, having a close-knit team, getting to interact with people from all over the business, and makes you feel like you’re contributing towards a greater project. To anyone thinking of joining Bart, you’d get to work with great people, try some great food; and particularly for anyone looking to start a career in accounting, it’s a fantastic place to hone your craft, gain experience in all areas of finance in manufacturing, and we’re passionate about developing people to advance their careers, as Bart has for me.