Employee testimonial

Akanksha, 25 years old, since April 2021 at Bart, Intake Manager

I manage the compliance and testing of Raw Materials, Packaging and Labels. I am also responsible for maintaining external laboratory relations and supplier communications. Having a background in Food Science and Technology as well as Microbiology, the food industry has always intrigued me. Bart offers a varied technical team where there are plenty of different opportunities.

I believed that Bart would help me progress in my chosen field and help me master new skills. I started out as an Intake Technician and was later progressed to Manager. I have been fortunate to have received this opportunity as this helped build my Technical Portfolio immensely. I have been able to learn and hone new skills within my department as well as the wider Bart group. Initially, it was challenging to take on much more responsibility than what I was used to, but with my colleagues’ and team’s support I have been able to overcome this hurdle.

The first thing I noticed about Bart when I started working here, was how helpful everyone was. Everyone is on the same team, and we are all working towards a mutual goal. There is generally a friendly atmosphere between everyone, and people are willing to talk, help and understand. If you are looking to learn new things and are interested in progression, this is the best place for you.